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Atari 2600 7800 Controller Lot


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It might help you to post some references/ebay profile feedback, since you've been a member for less than a week. People are generally wary of brand new folks who show up with stuff for sale.


Totally understandable :) Here is a link to my ebay feedback page.



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you might want to mention if they are tested, do they work. Are the paddles rebuilt and jitter free? If they are being sold as untested, your price might be considered high. Just a suggestion.

They are untested, but I'm willing to work on pricing. I picked up some more controllers in a lot today and would be willing to discuss adding them to the controller lot if anyone is interested. I have bought several system/accessory lots in an attempt to revisit the 80's :) 800XL, 2600 and 7800. All of these controllers have come in the lots, and I have no need for them.

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I got around to testing them and all worked. The only ones I could not test were the wireless ones since they require a 2600 for power. I bought a 2600 recently but turned around and traded it after seeing no use for it since a 7800 can play the 2600 library. I wish I would have tested them before letting it go. The lot is on ebay or I can deal here. Also, I have added two more CX24's to the lot and a couple of aftermarket controllers.



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