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Road Rash pre-alpha on Jaguar at 30 fps


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I really want your 3D experiments to turn into a homebrew STUNN RUNNER clone. In fact... I want in on it. I think after all these years you need a certain push to your first release. I think I can provide said push. I can also help with unique colored shells, boxes, overlays and manuals and most importantly IDEAS!!!!



Sorry for late reply. I had a lot of time to think about direction of the game, and I don't want it to be a clone. Then 99% of people will think that it was ported. While the StunRunner inspiration is obvious, I already have few things that are quite different in terms of shooting mechanics).


As for the gameplay ideas, I have discarded few implemented ones, if they didn't provide fun. My To-Do List has few pages of workable ideas ;)


Do you have a reliable printer for overlays/manuals ?

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This sucks. I was looking forward to seeing you my friend. Figured we could kick back and watch the Tetris World Championship

Same here. Really sorry about that.


The Sac Gamers Expo is in ~6 weeks, so we will meet soon, anyway.


I just looked it up, and Portland is a pretty short drive from Sacramento - about 575 miles (though no idea on traffic). Funny that it's 1,200 miles from here, but then again, I'm barely an hour from Canadian border...

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Just curious if there is anything new to report? Good luck!?

Actually, is and it's kinda surprising. Originally, I presumed this will be a short-term (12-18 months) break from my career, but after last 100+ days I can't really see myself going back to the company environment, other than - well - temporarily (a short-term contract), for survival, once I run out of money.


According to my daily back-up timestamps, I'm on a 109th day of non-stop coding. Not a single day break. I haven't burnt out once, because - well - the only reason I can honestly come up with - is that I don't have to deal with any company bullshit. Zero frustration. 100% enjoyment of the work.


So, I'm not going to be in a rush, to quickly make a game every 3-4 months. This will be determined by by then-current burn-rate and the financing I will secure.


Previous 3 weeks I was working on a new version of the engine for the second game (first one is too far to switch to it now, but I suppose I could use it for the minigame), which has features I wanted for a looooong time, and as this was unplanned (impossible to resist, really - given the 3-month IRS delay), I ran out of the time to prepare the trailer and loader for the SAC Gamers show, so I'm not going there this weekend - I honestly don't really want to break this insanely productive coding spree, so the other thing I wanted to go in late January, not going there either.


Long-term, there's no impact, as that work would have to be done early next year anyway and in the meantime it gives me a very good break-down of what's possible over a 3-months timeframe.


Thank God for IRS, as none of that would have happened if it wasn't for those taxes :lol:


I am finishing the short multi-effect engine intro now and in few days will probably take a short break from Jaguar and switch to my 6502 flatshader (for at least 7-10 days), as I haven't touched that since , like, April or so, estimating return to jag third week of December (at which point I'll focus solely on game features and art assets).


I also received my EPROM burner-related equipment, just haven't played with it yet.


4 weeks from now, I'll make an update here, as there's few more things in the play right now. Besides, taking pre-orders in January, when everybody is wiped out after Christmas would be a really bad idea, so from business standpoint it only makes sense to postpone it at least a month, anyway.


VladR, get ahold of Paul Westphal if you want yo set up an Atari meeting with him. He had actually reserved you a space at the PRGE

Dang, it's been few months, so my recollection might be off, but I presumed, since I didn't get confirmation from him, that that space is not happening. I'll figure out a way to make it up to him. Probably send him a cart or something, once it's done. But, the weeks are in a big blur now - it's a completely different frame of mind - pure zen - especially with Spotify playlists I recently discovered...


VladR, you around? Here's pics of the space Paul had reserved for you at the PRGE I'm sure next year he'd do the same.

Yeah, I just don't spend any time on forums, too much of a waste of time, now that I'm not drawing a salary. Feel free to shoot me an email, if there's something you wanna discuss, I check my email daily...

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