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No "Death Race' for 2600?


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Wasn't there a car game that used the driving controller where you ran over people in Stella's Stocking?


Grandma's Revenge - and it uses the regular joystick too.


If the Odyssey 2 can do it... a single button CX40 VCS port can handle this game just fine. Think Sprint Master + Down for reverse. But if you're still bent on using two buttons and besides a Genesis controller version, we could also put that bastard of an accessory - the Booster Grip - to work. Most of us have one or two of those laying around, right? :lol:

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Death Race requires two fire buttons: forward and reverse.


It will never happen on the 2600



With the driving controller plugged into the Quickjoy pedal controller, only one controller port is needed to play a 2600 Death Race game. So it could be a 1 or 2 person game.


Does this inspire you Debro !!

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