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I know you've got a pretty extensive collection LX.NET...


You know how many people mention how rare the Japanese Klax is... Well I have never seen another California Games in the style that I have listed here for sale anywhere?!

Thanks. You have some of the ones I am still looking for such as CGE 5th, CM2BT CD version and Cybervirus Cinciclassic. These are very hard to get. Compliments on acquiring those.

I'll update my post to show my latest additions.

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Do Songbird not have any more in stock?


I just got hold of the Vindicators pin yesterday so I think I now only need Bill & Ted to be complete on those.


Cartridge wise I think I need P.I.T.S. Hot Dog and Relief Pitcher and that's it.


Are Willard & Eric DeLee still active on here to try and get copie of these titles? I thought Betaphase was going to be back online soon?

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