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ColecoVision Modded by Yurkie w/ Atarimax Ultimate SD w/ Original Box


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Hello everyone,


I purchased a used ColecoVision less than 2 years ago and had it modded by Yurkie. I had my fun with it and now I could use the money so I am looking to sell it. Everything is in fine, working order except the SD adapter for the Atarimax fell apart. All the games are on the mini SD card but you will have to get a mini SD card adapter. I will send the one that fell apart and perhaps you can fix it and use that.


I will attach photos of everything, but now I'll list what will be included:


1. ColecoVision with original box and manual/other paperwork


2. 2 controllers (Both have straightened cord mod, one has ball controller mod)


3. original colecovision power adapter


3. 8 games (2 copies of donkey kong) - one of the donkey kongs might not work but i think all other cartridges work


4. Atarimax ultimate sd for colecovision and adam with the 128mb mini sd card with all the games downloaded on it


5. Panalong hd converter (pl-sh2h) with power adapter and 6 foot hdmi cable. (I took a close up photo of the pin cable because it looks like it is coming apart but i never had a problem with it and maybe just needs some electrical tape.


These are the mods i purchased from yurkie:


1. bios and pause

2. straightened cord on both controllers

3. ball controller on one controller

4. rgb to hdmi mod with the panalong hd converter


I am asking $500 considering all I put into it, but am open to offers and negotiation.


























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Before you ask $500 for this do yourself a favor and invest $5 in a Swiffer and clean it up. If everything is like this on the outside I would hate to see what its like on the inside. And whats up with the miniSD adapter? Nobody is going to fix that. Just go to the store and buy a 2GB SD card for $3 and migrate the data over. I wouldn't be inserting a busted 50 cent adapter into a $130 Atarimax cart.

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Fine points. It is dusty but has just been sitting on a shelf. I just wanted to list it and see what was the interest and I will clean it before I ship. With the SC card I just wanted to be clear that I didn't have the adapter. I will let the buyer buy a new adapter or like you said a new SDcard. Took me a while to get all the games on the card so I don't want to do it myself again. I'm not good with these sorts of things.

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