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MAME bios roms file, which one do I need?


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I finally have the vector games working that stopped when I upgraded to Windows 7 from xp, and have found a site (emuparadise)to get roms that so far seem to be working. Some still don't work, (Dig Dug, Galaga and Major Havoc, for three examples. I downloaded every possible file, no versions work) and I am wondering if the the MAMEBIOS file that one of the first few rom pages said I needed to download to make that rom work is why some still don't work.


According to the main MAMEdev page I need to "leave the bios file zipped and put it in the roms folder." Ok. It is called MAMEBIOS in my downloads folder. Is it that simple or do I need one specific to the version of MAME that I am using? There didn't seem to be any choices. If it specific to versions, how would I find the one I need to go with MAME UI64 0.172 which was the latest version, when I gave up (for a while) trying to get the vector games working again, and the others 60 or so that stopped working when forced to switch from xp to Windows 7.


Things are working pretty good so far, so I'd like to know what this file will do or if I even have the right one before I put it in with the roms and audit the games to maybe find out I have the wrong file and now a boatload of games don't work again.



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I don't know if these are bios files.

Dig Dug looks for namco51.zip and namco53.zip.

Galaga looks for namco51.zip and namco54.zip.

Major havoc should be okay with mhavoc.zip.



I thought the bios files were for newer machines that shared a common system board like marble madness.

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Your MAMEBIOS file might be a zip that contains more zips of individual machine bios sets. If that is the case you would put the individual bios zip files, extracted from the large one, in your roms folder.


I wouldn't think any pre 1984 game would use any of those bios files.

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