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Paypal gift payment or buyer covers PayPal fees.


You'll catch more flies with honey than . . . Math


I think someone told me once this is against the AA marketplace policy. That might be true, and I could validate it if I could find any sort of policy as a sticky in the marketplace.


Seriously, don't do this stuff. List the price you want for the item including the cost of what it takes to get the money to you. Figure it out for the buyers ahead of time and then just list the price to include it. You'll probably end up discounting the item later anyway if it doesn't sell and that extra amount gives you a good first target for a price drop.

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I don't see anything wrong with the gift payment option under certain conditions. I will sometimes ask a long time member if they would do me a favor and save me the fees, but I don't make it a requirement. Basically I just ask trusted people that I have dealt with in the past and have known me and dealt with me in the past....as they know they are going to get their package from me and it will be quality and if its not I will make it right regardless.


There are other people I ask to do this with no other option, and those are people who usually have one post and then PM me asking to buy $100+ worth of merchandise. I had someone two weeks ago try that. He asked if I would take $XXX amount for something. It was a fair offer, but the guy had been a member for literally a few hours. I told him I would accept ONLY if he would pay with paypal gift. He never replied again. I would imagine he had plans to get my stuff, file a paypal chargeback, and send me a box of garbage in return. Been down that road once in my life and rest assured it will not happen again.


I don't think there should be any rule in place on how you accept or request money in my opinion for the reasons I had mentioned above. Use your best judgement and if you feel like abiding by the sellers terms do it...or don't. Now I have not looked into the feedback of this seller, but I would probably opt for paying the fees instead of a gift payment in order to be protected in case it didn't arrive only because I do not know him. There are many other users here that I would just send stuff to first (either in a trade or a sale) because of their reputation or because I have dealt with them already in the past.


But the best way if you do not want to absorb the fees and want to sell legitimately will probably be hiking up what you are asking for by a few dollars to cover the fees in the first place. That way you don't look like you are trying to make someone else cover your fees and you get what you wanted for the product in the end....so I certainly agree with you there. Like the teacher in the Jaguar commercials used to say, DO THE MATH! :)


Just my thoughts :)

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