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FS: Raspberry Pi - Retropie Nintendo system. Snes, nes, gb, gbc, gba

Wyluli Wolf

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Hey I'm trying here! :lol:


OP, you just plug it into a tv via HDMI and you're set up to play some pre-loaded retro games? I want it.

Yes, you plug the HDMI cable into your monitor or Television set and plug in the power adapter. The system boots up into EmulationStation and you can select which system you wish to play and what game. EmulationStation runs off of standard ROM files. PM me if you would like more information/details. Thx!

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Retropie is easy peasy to use, just not so easy (for people with little computer knowhow) to set up. I know my stuff and even then it took weeks to fine tune it and get everything working right due to some inaccurate documentation for some of the emulators and so on. But, when its done and you have it right you are golden. Just make sure to image the card for a backup :)

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