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Yooka-Laylee: an homage to Banjo Kazooie & 3D Collect-a-thons

Rick Dangerous

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  • 5 months later...

Travis it was supposed to come out physical for Switch and then didn't. I wouldn't hope much on it.


Show them who's boss, go to GoG.Com and buy it, it's 50% off right now. No reason to wait on Switch or pay double for the same game as it's sleazy.

Logging in from my lunchbreak because I had to throw out my two cents. My Kickstarter pledge was actually less than the retail cost of the download. So why buy it again on GOG when I downloaded it last night for free?


Yes it sucks that the physical version hasn't realized, and yes, I will buy a sealed copy if it does release at a later date, to show my support for the publisher.


I kickstarted Shantae Half Genie hero and got the download code for Wii-U, and have a sealed physical Wii-U copy, and redownloaded it on Switch. Don't think I wouldn't do the same for Yooka-Laylee if it turns out to be awesome. Sometimes showing support for a dev/platform means more than just getting something as cheaply as possible, or heaven forbid resorting to piracy.

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I'm aware of that and I do just that, when it's warranted. But given they said they'd do something (physical), then reneged on it, I felt no reason to pay full price any further and may in the end not buy it at all. I've paid up in other cases when the developer follows through or even goes above and beyond like with the neat little extras Nicalis does when I could just download/buy physical a cheaper copy.

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  • 8 months later...

Today is the day...go get your copy before they are all gone! :)

Today? Where can I get the switch version? I heard it was coming in August. It's not available on Amazon. I already have the download from kickstarter, just need the switch card for the shelf... :P


Nevermind, found it. A bit high for an indie, but I don't care. Ordered. I'm such a collectard... :dunce:


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  • 4 months later...

amusing, opinionated review by "Giles" of Llamasoft



I felt 'compelled' to warn people NOT to buy this game.

Finally it came down so low in price on the PSN store I got it ...

First .. the first thing you'll look for is how to remove the audio dialogues and/or at least turn that volume to 0, this game has some of THE MOST HORRENDOUS/ANNOYING EVER "FAKE SPEECH" SOUND EFFECTS !!

Trust me you would not endure more than 20 seconds of that then your ears will start to split, in disgust.


As soon as you move, everything seems to go around 30fps or such an BLUR/JITTER AS FUCK this game is COMPLETELY UNWATCHEABLE/HURTS MY EYES !!!

Third controls ... "do we need a game with 40 special moves ???" ...

Fourth again camera .. "seems to have a - bad - mind of its own"

Fifth objective / levels structure .. horrendous, to say the least ...

Sixth .. cut scenes/dialogues .. TAKE ME AWAY FROM ALL THIS !!

Seventh ... characters .. erm .. hum .. a snake in trousers ... erm hum .. other shit .. erm hum ...


If you'd correct the camera, the frame rate, the ultra mega hurting speech, the controls, the level design .. "it could be something else" whatever you look at this game in the current state this could be a "textbook example to study about HOW NOT TO MAKE A GAME" icon_evil.gif

It's .. 'the implementation of everything' where everything falls hard into pieces .. the idea could have been good, let's say the graphics "passable" at least it could have been acceptable if the game would have been fun to play, but it isn't, it's unplayable.

What I really don't understand "what is so bad about the camera/movements" i suppose must be this "famous we do not vsynch the stuff is interpolated" or shit like that, whatever is it ONE OF THE WORST VISUAL EXPERIENCES EVER SEEN .. it's all a blur ...

And I've been playing other stuff "it's fine", so it's not the TV or settings like that, it's really the game itself is shit.

Moral : this game is really as bad as been told if not even more, don't waste your money, don't spend time trying to play it, if you can see it somewhere look at how bad it is and make a not "if i'd do a game i won't do what they done here".

Pity "could have been something" as it is it's a shame.

Giles the billy goat
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It is a great little game. Similar to Banjo series on n64. Same 90s era single stick camera control. Reviewers overlook this a bit by comparing it to modern titles rather than the 90s era collectathon platforms which inspired it. Compared to period releases (ie other RARE developed n64 games), it holds up well.

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He sounds more like a whining fool that doesn't get it making comments like that. The game was intentionally made to play and feel like an N64 game, even went as far as adding basically an N64 mode for visuals too. That non-review whine fest just goes too far with nothing to back it up other than troll repeating what other whiners said without explaining anything.

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