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FS: 2 copies of Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands for JagCD New in Box


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The guy at the place I bought them from here in Ohio said a guy came in with a whole box of these about 5 or 6 months ago. Apparently he was one of the developers of the game. He traded them all in for store credit which he then used to buy a ton of music cds from them. Weird. Anyway, these were the last two left and I snatched them up with the intention of selling one and keeping the other for when I finally get a functioning CD unit. Or possibly keeping one in box and opening the other. But circumstances have changed and I need the money.


They are both still sealed in shrink wrap but have some minor bits of damage here and there. On both of them, the back of the box is bent inward. I'm guessing they were stored somewhere a bit humid and the tightness of the shrinkwrap bowed the cardboard inward. They appear to have been in storage for quite some time and also a bit thrown around. I'm guessing the guy moved several times over the years and just sort of chucked the box he had these in all over the place when moving. Just a theory. Still, overall they're not in bad shape.


$35 for #1 (link to photos)

$30 for #2 (link to photos)

Or, $60 for both.


Paypal only. Free shipping in the contiguous 48 States. Anywhere else, we'll have to figure it out.



This is my first post on this forum, so I know that makes me less trustworthy. Here is my ebay profile. 100% positive feedback with my account I've been using since 2001. Forums I've made trades on: Home of the Underdogs (defunct), Quarter to Three, Octopus Overlords, Gaming Trend, BenHeck (defunct), Modretro, 3DO Zone (formerly 3DO Zero). Several others over the years I'm sure I'm forgetting.

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