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How is that Nyko wireless pad? I've got an iPega but it doesn't quite satisfy me. D-pad's a little too clicky and not responsive enough.


It's pretty good in general. Kinda makes me think of a clone 360 controller but doesn't feel cheap.


It isn't the best d-pad ever, but it has a softer feel and isn't overly clicky.


Overall, it's actually pretty good for what it is and is even rechargable with a decent battery.

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I've added bundle prices for all games left. Removed some sold items. Bumped down price of GamerzTek SNES.


And... I upped the price of RGBNES. I was cheating myself at $200. I don't necessarily want it gone. I was hoping to replace it with the AVS so I could have HDMI out of ease.

I'm tempted. Cash is tight at the moment, though. Hopefully it will still be around in April.

Message sent.

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