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FO - Atari Bundle (4 systems & games)


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Trusted seller on NA is looking for a home for my well cared after Atari collection!


Please feel free to make serious offers via PM on this bundle (will not piece individual items out).


Bundle includes: SOLD

Atari VCS (2600) boxed and in immaculate condition (no scratches or wear use) - Heavy Sixer, Sunnyvale, (2) CX-40, (4) paddle controls, original power supply

Atari 2600 Jr. (Rev A) - open box, but never used

Atari Video Pinball - average condition

Atari 1200 XL - boxed (immaculate condition), includes disk drive, program recorder, program bundle, Basic, Pengo, various manuals and software

( 9 ) New - Factory sealed games

( 8 ) loose/boxed games


* because all systems are in original boxes, shipping is not included








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Ahhhh . . . the classic, "who jumps first".


Consider -

  • Most of what I have is either new or its been kept in immaculate condition.
  • I've educated myself to see what's selling, and for how much on eBay, Price Charting, and various Atari sites. I've also been around the block enough to understand pricing differences between the overzealous/uneducated (eBay) and reality (fan sites like AA). It'll take some effort on your part to justify your position/offer with specifics and not generalities (i.e. why the heavy is worth $XX vs $XXX), however I'm more than reasonable when faced with a well thought out offer.
  • I've always done fair deals and have a stellar rating on Nintendo Age (Why? See previous statements).
  • I'm not pricing these items for someone to flip them on eBay to make a profit. If this is your intent, I'd respectfully ask that you look elsewhere. I'm not desperate to sell, but I am trying to reclaim space in my house again.
  • For vintage items, a fair price depends on how you value these items for yourself. If finding items in excellent condition were easy, we really wouldn't be having this conversation.
  • Discounting is also subjective, but please know that I'm not expecting top dollar for each item. Getting rid of everything in one shot is a strong incentive for me and can motivate me on price.


With all that being said, feel free to send me a PM with a fair offer and I'll consider.

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Must be the way they do things over at NA. :lol:


Since you know what this stuff is "worth" and what you'd like to get for it, just price it already! Oh and selling as one lot is probably more than likely, going to be impossible here - unless you sell it on the cheap - which you've already indicated you're not so keen on doing.


If you really want to sell this stuff, throw some prices out there! MMAO (make me an offer) threads usually just result in a monumental waste of everyone's time. :(

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By not suggesting a price, it doesn't diminish the quality or quantity of the items. It just means that I've chosen to defer to the broader expertise and knowledge of the community to make a reasonable offer. Sure, I can ask for thousands based on unsubstantiated eBay pricing, but that would just give everyone fodder for a 48 page post.


As for MMAO being a waste of time, why is that? If you're an experienced collector, you already know what the value is and what you'd be willing to pay for an item. So why is the onus only on the seller to make the first move? If an item has FMV of $150 and you offered $25, is that necessarily reasonable? No, its a waste of time played by the buyer. If you offered $100 for that same item (a fairer price), isn't that more constructive towards creating a deal for both parties?


Snipes tend to convey a lack of interest other than to satisfy curiosity . . .

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