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Interest Check: Decked out Amiga 2000


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I have been working on an Amiga 500 and an Amiga 2000 simultaneously and I feel I don't need both and I have to gain funds for my kids Easter presents, so I am contemplating letting the A2000 go. It is in excellent condition with the following upgrades:


Indivision ECS for VGA output

68010 CPU for WHDLoad "quit key" functionality

8MB of memory (4MB on a Commodore card, 4MB on a GVP Impact II card)

SCSI2SD adapter attached to the Impact card with 4GB partition with WHDLoad and WB pre installed. GVP card has had its ROM replaced with v4.15.

Modern ATX power supply installed (replacing the old PSU) with a 420W PSU using AmigaKit's ATX power adapter

Gotek HxC floppy emulator replacing one of the 3 1/2 inch drives (the other drive is a real 3 1/2, working fine)

Battery removed and no damage to motherboard

Includes original keyboard and mouse

Includes original power supply (in case you want to switch it back)


It is quite a machine and out of the box plays everything you would want. I had to think really hard about parting with this, but it is the right thing to do right now for me. I will get pics up soon unless someone jumps in and says they want it. I am looking for actual cost (what it cost me) to obtain the machine and the parts, which was roughly $600. If anyone is interested, please PM!

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