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with tongue in cheek, I find carlson highly sensitive and the complaint udder nonsense.... you need to know that food doesn't come from a truck, but rather a farm where mother nature does not use 'intellect' to try and justify or overcome itself ... in an old time sprawling free range natural farm you don't find the weirdness of a high population center with everything all mixed up and a militant constantly marching army of offended creatures... :)

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You clearly haven't been to a real county fair or 4-H competition.... I loved Salmon run, Alley Cat, and Udders... very whimsical !! Whack a mole... explode a gopher... it's all good clean fun!.... pig fell in the mud is a dirty joke... don't forget mutton bustin' and greased pig catchin hijynx!!!

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I hope this doesn't result in new political correctness rules (which BTW, are udderly ridiculous).


- Michael


I'll just say that Sweden is a little too liberal for its own good...(and its biting them firmly on the ass)


Its a game Carlson, get over it, there's far more disgusting things going on that actually DO need moaning about..


Just play something else and forget about it..

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