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Flapee Byrd Colecovision ROMs


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These ROMs are for the Colecovision console only. Please do not attempt to boot them in an Atari 2600, Intellivision and any other systems that not the Colecovision. I do not have agents standing by just in case these machine comes to live and start wrecking havok. SGM is not required to play this game.


Here's the dual game ROM version: FlappeByrdFINAL.rom


The reason I added a 2nd game to this retail ROM because I think people wanted more stuff in their purchase. And I didn't think Flappy Bird could stand alone. Plus there's remaining space in the project for additional stuff, so I added game. Sorry, I have to fill a 32KB cart.


I had a backed up source file, the before I added the 2nd game. I have already have music during gameplay and it was cut to buy back space for that 2nd game.


The version with the music: FlappyBird.rom


Here's a video:


It has a single channel music during gameplay. I was also seeing what various noise you could do when you manipulate the sound chip. I think it sounds decent enough. I spent a evening to add the high score table since the ROM back in May 2014 I made I didn't program yet and I added new proper 2 channel Game over music since the other one kinda creeps me out.


I almost forgot, you can change the bird's color at the title screen. 1, for yellow, 2 for red, 3 for blue. 4 to cycle through his primary color, 5 to cycle through his secondary color. There's no limiter so you'll enable the sprite's special feature called "early color clock", which shift the sprite 32 to the left. You can overflow the value to go back to normal.

You can play the sightly better version of 'A Sparrow Goes Flapping' here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254474-kiwis-game-a-sparrow-goes-flapping-available-to-play/?hl=%2Bsparrow+%2Bflapping&do=findComment&comment=3547284


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