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FS: Assorted games (moving sale, prices are lower...er.)


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Selling off some games I don't play anymore and are taking up space. I'd rather they go to a new home and to someone who will play/use them instead of sit around and collect dust. ;-)

Buyer pays shipping (will do international) and I take payment via PayPal. Prefer it if the payment is sent as a payment - I'll pay the fees.

I'm willing to take offers too, though I already have the prices dropped low so don't stretch it too far!


I'll test every game that I can test before payment and shipping to verify that it works - if anything is wrong then I'll let you know immediately.

Ask for pictures and ye shall recieve, it's time consuming to photograph every game individually before they're even close to sold but I'll try to get them ASAP upon request.

Strikethrough means pending sale but not yet sold.


Drummania (JP import) - $2

Lethal Skies (no manual) - $2

Final Fantasy X Greatest Hits - $2

Ys III (JP import) - $20

JoJo Ougon no Kaze (JP import) - $10


$1 each.
Beast Wars Transformers
Close Combat
Pandora's Box
Police Quest Collection + SWAT
Red Baron II
Star Trek Armada
Star Wars Force Commander
Star Wars Rebel Assault 2
Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - $3
Command and Conquer 3 (UK release) - $5
Command and Conquer the First Decade (double width DVD case) - $5
Darwinia - $2
Fallout Trilogy - $5
LEGO Rock Raiders (UK release) - $4

MechWarrior 4 Compilation - $15 (small box game. box is a bit banged up but it's still decent)


Megadimension Neptunia VII - $10 (PS4)

Trauma Center Second Opinion - $4 (Wii)

Kirby's Epic Yarn - $5

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo - $10 (3DS)

Item Getter - $2 (DS import)

Mushroom Men - $2 (DS)

Gundam Blue Destiny Trilogy - $15 (Saturn)
Mobile Suit Gundam - free with Blue Destiny Trilogy, $2 otherwise (Saturn)

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Added photos for all of the PC games. I tried to show off every big cosmetic issue with the games, though if you spot something and wanna know more about it then lemme know and I'll take a close up. I also bumped the prices on a few things down.

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