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Intellivisionaries episode 31 is (finally!) up! -- Vectron!

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Let's talk Vectron!


In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics game Vectron. We interview the programmer / designer Mark Urbaniec. Keith Robinson joins in for part of the interview as well. Will and his wife Margo cover GoSub in a Homebrew Highlight segment. Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George (and Nigel). And we have our usual Feedback, Mentions, News and fun. Over 5 hours of Intellivisionaries goodness!



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If any game needs a deep dive review its Vectron, and the guys did a great job.


I agree with Rick that controls are a problem and its not just the layout. Yes moving with the side buttons is atypical but that is a matter of practice. Just like switching from right-handed to left-handed joysticks, some people adapt quicker than others and some never adapt. But I think in Vectron the controls weren't programmed properly. The freestyle button seems like a workaround that could have been solved with better programming. Moving one positon should be a single button press and then press and hold to move freely. The stiff Intellivision side buttons doesn't help.


Here is a suggestion for hacking the controls in Vectron. Program the Intellivision disc as a spinner to move the energy block freely and precisely. Top button fires directly at the energy block. Hold the bottom side button to fire in the disc direction. The disc as a spinner control might be too low resolution for some games but should work perfectly in Vectron.


Also add the ability to select the starting level. Interesting that the arcade game Tempest was one of the only arcade games where you can select the starting level. I was relieved to hear that in Vectron level four is one of the harder levels since that is where the game usually ends for me. The game Beamrider, with the 3D look and scaling sprites, shows that a Tempest like game might be possible on Intellivision.


It was interesting to hear in the Interview that Keith and Mark talked about bypassing the Exec game loop with Vectron and Solar Sailer. My understanding is that the exec game loop is what limits these games to 20hz graphics. I thought Masters of the Universe was the first Mattel game to do that.

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It was cool to hear mention of "The Minstrel's Legend" by Intv Prime. I can't wait to see what happens next with that game! :)


You should join the 'mailing list' for updates on that one so you don't miss any announcements.


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The jokers at Intv Prime were trying to catch George from the podcast to play some games a little while ago. No wonder they can't get the release of their own game done.






I hope updates are posted here as well , for us that don't have twitter accounts.

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