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Star Raider (no s at end) for 8-bit (VALUE and RARITY?)

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Why is your shipping so high on all of your auctions . 35 dollars to ship a master system ? You are putting a really high weight I guess .


I just put in the box size and weight. Small uhaul box. Ebay does the math.


BTW: Anyone wanting to buy off ebay email me and I'll give at a discounted price. Min 10%. (unless you want star raider and then you must pay the full million dollars.

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Why make a thread when you really don't care what people think. If you think it is worth $100 post it for a $100. If you think it is worth $10,000 post it for that. Why waste people's time when you already have a preconceived value that you are unwilling to change? Makes no sense. However using the term rare when an item is not just pisses people off and makes you look like a total douche trying to take advantage of some uneducated person. Enjoy sitting on your BIN.

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So I guess the lesson learned here is to list your items on ebay high, wait a week, then discount them. Ebay will see the price drop ans advertise them for you.


I'm not as dumb as I look!


LOL, get free advertising all you want, it doesn't mean anything if nobody buys it! Just clarify for us, how much did yours sell for again?

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