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Other than your obsession with Mattel carts, what's wrong with the Imagic, Parker Bros and Donkey Kong ones?

I can think of a use for the Parker Bros ones, the Imagic ones and the Coleco ones.

The new PCBs don't fit into 3rd party shells. The mattel ones have no screws, or have blemishes. Edited by Rev
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The white Motocross carts are interesting for every European Intellivision fan. The Mattel version doesn't work on PAL machines, but the INTV version will.


Rev, can you make me a complete set of Coleco carts, maybe in black and white? I will pick them up on PRGE. :) (ok, I discovered 5 out of the 8 Coleco games. But that would be cool enough)

Edited by Intymike
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The mother of all lots of cartridges. :)


Interestingly I don't have Chip Shot Super Pro Golf, Buzz Bombers, Tron: Solar Sailer, Pinball and Boxing (my cart doesn't work).

I thought I already hooked you up. I may of gotten more since then.

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