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Sega Forever brings retro games to iOS and Android for free


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Any effing reason as to why we get another rehash of console based games instead of their arcade catalog?

I'd like to play Outrun and Super Hang-on arcade not the SMS or MD versions please .... same for Daytona USA don't give me the Sat version (I'm sure a modern phone can pull that off easily)

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Because it's easier to throw ROMS at an emulator?

Nahh!!!, they have their own arcade emus, not sure why they don't use those.

If they can run Daytona USA on a Xbox 360 (a 12Y old console) I am sure they can do a lot on a modern smartphone.

Heck they have Outrun arcade 60fps on the original XB version of Outrun 2 as unlockable so ... I don't think they really have a problem there.


I think it's about time to have a decent arcade emu version of Sega Rally ;-) (hard left, medium hard right ..... hairpin [oh shit])

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Does anyone know if this is still being updated? I check the website from time-to-time, but there are seemingly no new titles listed.


As noted above, it would be nice to see something that was not previously released in one of the various retro compilations, Virtua Tennis Challenge does notwithstanding.

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