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Atari sets off fireworks! (pictures! source code!)


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The July/August 1987 issue of ST-Log magazine has an article by Matthew Stern called "Atari Sets Off Fireworks!" It features an interview with Robert Veline of Astro Pryrotechnics, a California-based fireworks company. In 2017 I read the article and contacted Robert. I interviewed him for ANTIC: The Atari 8-Bit Podcast. (The interview will be published in a few days, on July 4.)

After the interview, Robert sent me pictures of his Atari 800XL-based fireworks rig; and the floppy disks with the custom software, which I digitized. I put everything into archive.org (here) and right here too.
First, enjoy Robert's pictures of the fireworks rig.
Next, dig into the ZIP file containing ATR files of the disks Robert sent me, including the source code for the fireworks system! I really haven't had a chance to look at what's on these disks. From the interview (which you'll hear July 4), I know there's the actual fireworks shooty stuff, plus a fireworks simulation that he described as slow. Also a book thing he co-wrote called Old Mother Hubbard's GCHIP Cook Book. Please dig in, geeks, and report what you find.
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I love this kind of stuff!


Another good example of A8's getting used for real world control. I wish I had pics of my cryochiller testing and monitoring hardware from the mid 80's, as well as the software that was being run from 800XL's on 4 test systems that got built around this.


- Michael

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