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Everything you want to know about the Jaguar power supply and power issues


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Been meaning to do this for a while: I ran some tests with my Kill-o-Watt today on the stock power supply and the Retro Game Supply all-in-one Jaguar + Jaguar CD power supply.


Two Stock Jaguar Power Supplies, One extra-chunky all-black one, One slightly smaller black-with-silver-label one:

  • 5.6W: System off (?!?)
  • 22.8W: Blue Lightning: Peak while booting system/game.
  • 19.0W: Blue Lightning: Playing the FMV/Cinepak Attract Videos
  • 19.6W: Blue Lightning: Pilot selection screen
  • 18.5-18.8W: Blue Lightning: Gameplay

RGS all-in-one:

  • 0.0W: System off
  • 15.0W: Blue Lightning: Peak while booting system/game.
  • 11.9W: Blue Lightning: Playing the FMV/Cinepak Attract Videos
  • 12.4W: Blue Lightning: Pilot selection screen
  • 11.3-12W: Blue Lightning: Gameplay

All tests were performed with the memory track cartridge plugged in.


Conclusion: You're basically paying a constant 5.6W power tax even when the Jaguar is powered off, ~6-7W tax when it's on by using the stock power supplies. Let's do the yearly cost thing using the lowest tier electricity rate where I live: about $0.14/kWh. How much power is wasted in a year by a completely unused Jaguar + Jaguar CD plugged into the wall with the OEM power supplies:

5.6W * 24hrs * 365 days = 49,056Wh, 49.056kWh

How much are you throwing away per year on that:

$0.14 * 49.056kWh = $6.87

So not too much, but a new power supply will pay for itself in around 3 years, faster if you actually turn the thing on sometimes or are in a more expensive electric tier, slower if you have cheaper power (prices are pretty horrible here). Also, the environment and stuff.


I'm not specifically endorsing the Retro Game Supply device here. It turns out the Retro Game Supply all-in-one power supply is just a generic regulated switching power adapter with a splitter cable, so any modern power supply with appropriate specs would probably be an improvement as well. Just make sure your cables have the right polarity.

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RGS Seems to be out of stock on the single unit Jaguar power supplies with US connectors again. I'm considering this one instead:




Which seems to be a rough equivalent (lower-amperage version of the one linked in an earlier post here). Seem OK?


*Edit* I've been using this power supply for a while now, and it works great.

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