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YM on the Jaguar...

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Hello from the weird shadowland of Vitch ;)

Not been around much, but I am still about, not gone completely, just busy with life and all the fun challenges that it throws your way.


Alas it's a bit of an irksome reason I am posting here tonight, I have heard from a few sources in internet land that a certain individual (and probably chums) are slandering my name and my work in the Jaguar scene. I am sure those long enough in the scene (or probably not even that long) will know who this is, I am not going to name them here, plus I don't wish to start some futile flame war on Atari Age.

So the claims as I understand them are that I have in past stolen code for my sound engine (U235 SoundEngine https://www.u-235.co.uk/se), and that the engine itself looks remarkably like souce released by a Robert Jurziga. For the record this is a complete and utter fabrication,

  • the U235 SE is 100% written by myself, with help, feedback and testing from good people like ZeroSquare, GGN, SH-3 & CJ, these people have heard and seen the engine before it's initial release (which is why the initial release is 0.11 and not 0.01).
  • I have never even heard of Robert Juriga, nor have I seen his released source code
  • There are all the released versions available to download from my site linked above, a simple binary comparison of the .obj file included will allow anyone to see the changes being made over time, and none of these are going to match any other sound engine, as this is an original work.
  • I have code repositories for every released and unreleased version of the U-235 SE, including original prototype versions

I am sure the majority of good people of Jaguar land already know the above to be true, and I only write this here to get it off my chest and hopefully limit damage to my reputation caused by this slander.


Another also false statement I have heard is that I have in past mentioned the creation of a YM2149 emulator for the Atari Jaguar, apparently as I have not released anything relating to this I had not created it as no-one else had and therefore I couldn't steal the code. (Again the implication that I steal code :( ), Once again for the record I *NEVER* steal code, if I release something it is created by myself and any portions created by others are fully credited. The only portion of this that isn't a lie is that I mentioned creation of a YM2149 emulator, that part I did say.


So why have I never released any YM playback routines for the Jaguar? Simple, what I have created (called JYM, Jaguar YaMahaw :) ) was thrown together in a few hours as a half baked "I wonder if" silly project. Yes it works and a lot better than I imagined! Is it ready for release? oh hell no! the code is hacky, unoptimised and not all aspects of the YM have been implemented, as I said, I threw it together in a few hours one bored evening. It's also playing ST based music binaries, which are assembled and linked Atari ST code blocks, expecting ST hardware, (the actual YM2149 at the actual hardware address as well as VBL interrupts etc), this has required crafting some automated code modifying code to binary modify the ST player and hook it into JYMs APIs.. as I said, hacky and incomplete, done for laughs.

It also sounds close, but not quite right, it needs tuning, better timer code etc etc. But it does work, and it does play a subset of old ST YM chip music recognisably.

Why take my word for it? You don't have to, I am attaching an example COF file to this post so you can try it out on real hardware or VirtualJaguar (it sounds better on real hardware, it's not the nicest of code).


I am not going to release this YM emulator until it is ready (in my opinion), when and if that day comes I'll certainly be posting an update on here and on the U-235 website. But there you have it, proof that I have a working YM emulator, created in May 2013 for lols in a few hours, because, you know, I CAN write code, it's what I do.




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Yes, you are not alone in being the target of emo-rage hate.


Of course, when asked for proof to back up such claims its always "my mate knows a bloke down the pub who met someone who used to work with the mum of another guy who new someone who had a dog at the same vet as <insert target here>" who can verify this. But of course, it is never produced. Because it doesn't exist.


Usually, these people are disgruntled because they have been caught doing the very things that they are bemoaning others about - the difference being, that evidence for their doings almost certainly does exist, and can be verified by several people.


In any case - this certain individual (and chums) produce nothing so don't pay them any heed. They live for attention, so don't give it to them.

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I agree with CJ. The only thing said individuals have produced so far is heaps of nonsense and lies ; nobody with a shred of common sense believes what they say any more. So unless they attack you on AA, the best thing to do is to ignore them completely.


(It's nice to see you back, and your demo sounds fine even with VJ :))

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Cheers guys, just got to me eventually.


Zero, I think I may have grabbed the version of VJ that's undergoing DSP remodelling :) that tune sounds pretty close but then I think it's a much older tune and using less of the features of the YM2149, anything attempting drums uses the noise register which sounded a bit off to me, so I didn't bother using one of those, it does play Warhawk and Thundercats pretty damn close. One day I'll probably sit down with my guitar tuner and a real ST and tune my emulator to match the real hardware as close as I can :D

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  • 1 year later...

So we had this solar event a few days ago ( 1 advantage of working Nights that night..got to see the entire thing):



And since then..3 (that i am aware of..) separate people in separate threads have brought to our attention nonsense being spread around by certain individuals and groups in the Atari community against people on Atari Age..


Damn the fumes..


Jaguar nonsense now reaching Bloodborne levels of Lunar frenzy.



On a far more serious note...


Linkovitch, whilst i don't know you or your work personally, you have no need to explain yourself to anyone in this community who's aware of you or said work.


The burden of proof is very much on those who are making the claims against you.


Your someone who hasn't been afraid to call certain individuals out on certain forms of social media over nonsense claims they made and you and other individuals connected to those claims were then presented as the bad guys by said certain individual..


So it's probably not too big a stretch of my fevered imagination to guess who your talking about,nor why you've been singled out.


It's the classic diversion away from being pulled up and try and slander and dogpile onto the person who called the individual out tactic we see so often on social media these days.


It's been the established behaviour pattern for many within the actual games industry,let alone we mere bottom feeder consumer level people.



All you and anyone else who's been accused of anything can do is what you've done.


Don't turn it into an inter forum drama, calmly present your side of the story and let your reputation and works speak for you.


People have long memories and when the list of people and sites that fell foul of a select few in the community are all added up and presented, all the individuals in question have achieved is to establish beyond doubt a toxic behaviour pattern.


So rod for their own backs and only themselves to blame if people no longer want to be associated with them or become associated with them for future projects.

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Oh I fully understand who and why he did what he did/does. As I mentioned in my initial post, his pure fabrication of facts got to me back on that day and I snapped. I try to not snap often and TRY to leave this characters idiotic toxic behaviour out of my sight (one thing I really cannot stand is a liar, it's my kryptonite :) so it can be difficult to ignore at times).


The silver lining is that hopefully my released binary will have given others ideas, and if not, it has caused the very wicked GGN ;) to point me at some very useful and interesting source which should hopefully help get a more useful product released (hopefully not in a billion years either).


Thanks for the kind words all the same :)

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Common sense moderation prevents this.


I was going to say, if it's the usual suspects 1 has been banned from here twice, rage quit a forum he falsely claimed his own, numerous others, banned from countless other forums and FB groups so there's only certain areas left open for him to peddle his ( or her.. ) nonsense on.


And looking at the sheer number of incidents reported over past few days, people are clearly getting sick and tired of such nonsense and taking a stand.



Just carry on doing what your doing for the community.


Of course they are going to twist reality and fabricate events to suit the already well established behaviour pattern.


It's all they have.


And when it's all added to the previous years nonsense and they go looking for people to work with on Project of the day, they've only themselves to blame when people issue warnings or simply steer well clear.

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