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Games for Atari: 1977 to 1995 Book Project on Kickstarter

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So Atari is not only going for their logo on the front, they are going for everything:


Description of copyrighted material: in-game graphics, screenshots, box art, and logos from classic Atari video games
Description of infringing material: physical book to feature uncleared reproductions of the copyrighted material
Before I started the KS I tried to get in touch with Atari by email, Facebook, customer support and even regular mail to France as well to the USA and never heard back from them. Same like the trading cards for the 2600; first there was very kind contact, but out of the blue I just got no replies anymore.


But I thought Atari liked having fans...



The buzz on Ataribox continues to grow, and we can’t wait to share more news in the weeks ahead.


Ataribox will first be made available via a crowdfunding campaign this Fall 2017 with shipments planned to start in Spring 2018.


Why Crowdfunding? Amazing brands are driven by amazing communities. Coming back to hardware is an important step for Atari, and something we intend to do carefully, hand-in-hand with the Atari community that loves our brand as much as we do. Crowdfunding is the ultimate community approach to bring great products to life; and for Atari, it allows us to reward our community with exclusive access, special editions, and include them as active participants in the rollout of the Ataribox.


Sign up now at www.ataribox.com to join our community and be among the first to get news and updates!



Maybe I'm reading "community" wrong.

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There are at least 18 comparable KS projects/books from 2013 up to 2017 (including Nintendo and Sega themes)...
I'll try to get in contact with Atari to discuss the matter.



I hope you are able to get in touch. I was just going over to Kickstarter to back the book today. It makes no sense to be so hostile if they are truly going to launch the AtariBox.



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Would you be willing to post up a list of contributors/writers for the book?


I wouldn't want to back/support/purchase a publication in good faith only to find material written by those doing it for the wrong reasons and lacking credible experience.


This is far from a dig at you..when Luca did the Unseen64 Book..the Jaguar writer was awful..far too biased..his loathing for the system bled through..yet apparently he was the best of a very limited bunch on offer.


I now see an Amiga book with contributions from a writer who previously stated he had Zero interest in the hardware..


There seems to be a new breed of people just contributing to publications to have their name in print and get free copies of the publications..


Rather than being taken on for knowledge, writing ability etc..they are used because so few others step forward to write/contribute.

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I'll just say it,



Between Doofus hats, candy bar lawsuits, mystery boxes, and then being total Corporate DickBastards to Marc Oberhäuser, I am Done with this Version of "Atari"!


They have No Idea what Fans want, No Idea what Consumers want, No Idea how to Treat People, No Concept of Community...Limited resources which they will squander in the stupidest way possible...Lawyers wormtonguing their butts...


And this is me being Nice about it all...



At this point I feel like they went to the New Coleco(tm....Not!) School of Business and getting easy A's without Effort...


**From another topic, but I felt like saying it here too**

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