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Virtual ADAM Super Donkey Kong problem

Sgt Jack V

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I usually play the ADAM DDP of Donkey Kong of the Virtual Adam frontend for ADAMEM, but on the elevators level on skill 3, there's this bug where if you go to the spot with the umbrella, and then a spring comes down, you'll instantly die for whatever reason. Or that's just one of the podoboos spawning and killing me as soon as it spawns. Also on that level is that the springs are too fast until there are enough podoboos. The collision detection is shoddy anyways. I've seen a video of skill 3 that seems to be recorded from real hardware, and doesn't have this problem.

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What kind of fucking emulator is this turd called CoolCV? Why isn't there a simple menu on the top with drop down menus that allow me to load the ROM? Why can't I configure my controls? Why is the fire button space and not Z? Why is the manual a fucking mess?

EDIT: I just realized this emulator is primarily for Mac. What a load of bullshit. I guess that shitty manual is supposed to be viewed in macOS' notepad and not Windows'.

EDIT2: Also, how the fuck do I properly go fullscreen?

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It's a pretty damn good emulator and I use the Windows version all the time along with Virtual ADAM/ADAMem when the need arises. I guess if you asked for some help nicely instead of shitting all over CoolCV, I would give it to you. So your on your own and I don't expect anyone else around here to bother to help you either.


Have a nice day!

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