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ATARI CAMAC Assembler Ver 1.0A

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You're not going to find it, as CAMAC is the version of AMAC that ran on the department minicomputer at Atari. I do believe they had a VAX and a Data General MV/8000 port. Landon Dyer may have more info on this.




CAMAC stands for "Cross AMAC" and the only version I know of ran on the DG MV/8000. The native (non-cross) version, AMAC, ran on the Atari home computers.


That's about all I know -- the tools / systems folks in the Home Computer Division took care of it, it was pretty much a black box to me. I don't even know what it was written in.


(It was a nice assembler. I have fond memories of it, and I stole some features from it for a series of assemblers I wrote a few years later).

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The only thing I know for sure about AMAC, was that Sorcim had been subcontracted to port their 6502 macro assembler to Atari, and AMAC was the result, with a custom text editor written by Mike Lorenzen.


(Sorcim was an early software house that became most famous for their clone of Visicalc for CP/M machines, called SuperCalc)



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Thanks for your help, yes, have asked Mike, even he doesn't know who build AMAC. But his editor was bundled with AMAC...


Anyway, we even found the Microtec Cross Assembler... ;-)


Give my regards to Mike. The AMAC / editor combination was a real winner; that editor was one of better ones that I used on the 8-bit line.

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