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Atari 7800 & Heavy Sixer 2600


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First, I realize I'm new and don't really post much but I'm a lurker mostly. But I pay upfront, obviously! I'm happy to pay a fair price for a fair deal.


That aside, I'm looking for a good 7800. Also looking for a heavy sixer 2600. Let me add, I'd also like to have a 5200!


I was only very recently finally able to get a 2600 at all (my area is bad for finding Atari's at all). I check eBay a lot and I guess I miss a lot of the better deals, the ones I find seem to be missing cables, look destroyed, be 'unverified to work with no returns' and/or costs too much (for the one's I've found, at least).


Thanks for looking, hope to hear from some people looking to sell! icon_smile.gif

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5200s aren't that hard to come by The problem is good controllers are expensive (either good condition standard pads or 3rd part controllers) and the 4 ports need that switch box or a mod

frankly if you want a 5200 consider an atari 8 bit computer more or less the same hardware but you can use normal controllers and it has a bigger library

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I might have a 7800 console, power adapter, A/V cable, one 7800 joystick and a few 7800 and 2600 games available soon. No box or manuals, but if you are interested PM me with an offer. I'll get pics soon. Trying to clear out a few more extra items I've collected. Recently sold 3 130XE's, a 65XE and an 800XL on ebay, but would rather offer to a forum member instead. Need to go thru my items and test everything to make sure it work as expected, etc. -Brandon

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I have some of all 3 systems you're looking for.


Here are some photos of the nicest boxed ones I have. I also have non-boxed (less expensive) versions of everything but the 5200.


Everything has been tested and works, including the nearly impossible to find 5200 working joysticks.


I have plenty of games for each system so PM me what you're looking for.








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Here is what I have. I am waiting for a second power supply to arrive in the next couple of days. I only have the one and I'm keeping it for my other 7800.


Comes with everything in the pictures plus a brand new power adapter.


The carts with missing end labels are 2600 games Air Sea Battle and Video Olympics.


Let me know if you are interested.




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