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Which MOSFET for Atari Lynx I & II?


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Hi, the original mosfet for the Lynx I & II, Motorola, cod. MTD3055E and ALSO its replacement, ST, cod. STD12N06 are out of production


I found STD12NF06L mosfet. In production at the moment.

Does it fit for the purpose, in your opinion?


Here the datasheets:


MTD3055E: http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/168557/MOTOROLA/MTD3055E.html


STD12N06: http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/24013/STMICROELECTRONICS/STD12N06.html


STD12NF06L: http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/24018/STMICROELECTRONICS/STD12NF06L.html

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Best option is getting rid of the entire 9V to 5V section....


I wonder if there is some modern powerpacks that would fit in the Lynx cover?


USB power sockets are everywhere so you would just need a small cable to charge the powerpack.


Perhaps a powerpack with dual output would work (one for the Lynx, one for McWill screen). These powerpacks seem to deliver up to 2A per port.

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Can you send me a link to what you purchased? I need a new mosfet. Mine would not power on so I watched a YouTube video about bypassing it by running a wire from battery negative to headphone jack ground. Yes it did work and the Lynx powered on but I also had smoke coming out LOL. I opened it up to see the insulation on the wire had been burning off. I guess ide wire is not good for this application. At any rate I know what the problem is now.

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The age of the Lynx is killing the capacitors as well. So I would suggest to change the whole set. My White Lynx died recently and just changing the largest capacitor brought it back.




I still have a set in case you want one.

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