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This is what's wrong with some homebrew


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I just want anyone else here with a copy of Haunted Adventure Trilogy go and try to find it. Someone named Turbo Tech claimed there was a waltkthrough showing how to find all the easter eggs.


I really would like you to find it.


And no, seriously - not trying to be offensive or anything like that - the level of your dedication to the task is fascinating (unfortunately sometimes a subject of ridicule here, too, but then you have to accept it, as most people, including me, just simply wouldn't bother). I really think that you will only find closure if you were the person to find that ultimate easter egg.


I cannot help, as I wouldn't even play this type of game - not my style at all. I even tried to search for that walkthrough for you, but didn't succeed unfortunately.


I suppose quite a lot of people here will also be very relieved, if you find it!

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Here is all the 2600 and 7800 homebrew I have. I have some 5200 and intellivision homebew. My Psychologist closed my case recently and she knows more about psychology. Then people here who just use Google and Wikipedia to figure it out. Been on Paxil and Trazodone for a long time.




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My Psychologist closed my case recently and she knows more about psychology than people here who just use Google and Wikipedia to figure it out.

Did she give up out of frustration or did she proclaim that you are fixed?




Been on Paxil and Trazodone for a long time.


I guess Paxil can't fix everything on its own. People taking it must have to do their part by actively nipping potential bad habits and obsessions in the bud. Kill the little dragons while they're small before they turn into humongous fire-breathing monsters.

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He sucks at singing, but boy can he tell a story, and smoke cancer stix... :P


= = = = = = = = =


Back on topic, the OP has expressed frustration in a variety of games, only to later proclaim later that he forced it out and beat said game, or got stuck. You complained incessantly about the forced jumps in Panky yet I rather enjoyed it despite the frustrating moments. When I get frustrated or stuck, I place the game aside only to return to it later, often with an "aha" moment.


Games are meant to be fun, which drives a fine line between challenge and simplicity. Make a game too easy, it becomes lame. Make a game too challenging, it becomes frustrating. Strike a balance between these extremes, and you get something fun and exiting with hopefully replay value. The happy balance between frustrating and mundane is different between all gamers and genres, new to retro, so it is natural everyone will find games they enjoy and games they don't. Nobody's list of top games will be a perfect match for anyone elses, and once gamer's stink pile may be another's treasure trove.


So enjoy what you've got and if a game frustrates you that much, consider selling it to someone who will enjoy it. Noone is forcing you to play games you don't enjoy, so you shouldn't blame the developer, or the AA store, for selling you games you don't like. Wait for reviews to come out (and read them) to see if it's your forte before you decide to buy. My two cents...

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