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Sega 32x, cables, and games. Best offer?


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32X working but either needs new cable or has loose port. Includes games: Virtua Fighter, Motocross, Metalhead, Metalhead (duplicate), Doom, Tempo, Cosmic Carnage, Virtua Racing, Star Wars. $115 (plus shipping) or best offer. PM me with offer and zip code.





TL;TTTTR: (Taking The Time To Read) ;-)


I am looking to sell my Sega 32x and games, but honestly I'm not even sure what it's all worth. It looks like "untested" 32x consoles with nothing (no power or cables) are being sold for about $17, while tested and including cables are selling for around $60. Games are going for around $16 to $50. So I am think my 32x may be worth around $25, and maybe $10 per cartridge? In my mind that would bring the worth around $115 (plus shipping). But I would ask, if you are interested, to make me an offer. What is this worth to you? If you are interested, you can PM me with your offer long with your zip code so I can calculate the exact shipping for you.


Why do I want to sell? When I look at my collection, I see that over the last several years I have put far more effort and time into my Atari consoles than my Sega console. At this point I actually have more Sega games on the Wii virtual console than I have ever owned for the Genesis. I feel like if I spend any more time and money on games, I want to support the 7800 and Jaguar homebrews rather than build up my Sega 32x collection.


My feelings about my Genesis are - conflicted. I love it, but here's the thing. I spent an inordinate amount of time a few years back looking for a copy of Starflight before I found one, and last year I found a copy of NFL '94 - both of these games I have not been able to find in emulation or the Wii VC. So, part of me thinks I should at least hold onto the Genesis just for those games, and maybe in the future I'll add others which I either can not emulate or find in the Wii VC. (Is there a way to get Starflight and NFL '94 on emulation? I'd love to speak to others who have these games working.) So where does that leave me? I don't really know. I think I want to keep the Genesis for now along with my 2 games, but at this point I am no longer interested in building up a 32x collection and I have decided to let go of my 32x and games.


What is the condition of the 32x? While my Sega Genesis model 2 works perfectly and I have never had any issues with it, the 32x either needs a new cable or the port is loose. When I play a game with the 32x console attached to the Genesis, the game plays fine but if you tap the console or move the console or if my cat gets a little rambunctious with my console, the game goes out and resets. The Genesis alone doesn't do that. But as long as nothing touches the console while playing, the 32x plays just fine.


These are the 32x games I have. They are all clean and working.


  • Virtua Fighter
  • Motocross
  • Metalhead
  • Metalhead (duplicate)
  • Doom
  • Tempo
  • Cosmic Carnage
  • Virtua Racing
  • Star Wars


The pictures show my Genesis and 32x, but for now only the 32x, 32x connecting cable, 32x power supply and 32x games are for sale. A photo of the 32x games is also included.








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I decided to just post everything to ebay, including the Genesis. I figure the Genesis is needed to play the 32x games so I'll sell the whole lot. I'll post another topic under Auction central with the link. If the auction doesn't sell I'll take that as a sign that I should keep it and eventually build my genesis and 32x collection. ;-)

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