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SOLD! => 600XL with 64K RAM - A/V Composite Out - Internal SIO2PC FTDI


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OK, so this was a little project of mine.

I bought this 600XL "untested". Found out the RF out was not working. Upon inspection imediately saw that a previous owner destroyed some of the RF modulator solder points. I initially planned on removing the RF modulator and adding the Monitor DIN out (same as 800XL), but realized that the area of the board where the DIN would mount was also mangled. I opted to add a basic A/V composite out using a 2N2222 transistor, a 2.2k Ohm resistor and a 3K Ohm resistor. (Pictured ==> The 75K Ohm resistor was removed. No need for this set-up.) This gave me VIDEO out and MONO AUDIO OUT via composite.

My next upgrade was to install 64K RAM chips. Once that was done and tested I decided to see if I would be able to install a SIO2PC (real FTDI chip) inside the case of the 600XL.

$100 + Shipping. (Does not include power supply, A/V cables, box or manuals. It will come with a female to male USB cable to connect to your PC.)

The following is the results of my work. I tested this with a 1050 drive connected to SIO port at same time using RESPEQT fon my PC. To use the 1050 drive, I leave the DRIVE 1 open on RESPEQT and the 1050 will boot as normal. To use the SIO2PC, turn off the 1050 (or set it to DRIVE 2) and load a ATR to DRIVE 1 in RESPEQT. Normal operations as other SIO2PC.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to complications with female plug, it was replaced with a male plug. You will see both in the pictures, but the final set-up is a standard USB male sticking out the back of the case. This will come with a female to male cable to connect from 600XL to PC.

A/V Composite Out using the RF modulator case

64K RAM Upgrade

Internal FTDI SIO2PC


Test screens and connections

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