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Colecovision HSC Fall Knockout Tournament Round 3 - Sewer Sam

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Fall Knockout Tournament Round 3


Game Information

Game Name: Sewer Sam

Released by: CV Interphase 1984

CV HSC HIGH Score: First time playing Sewer Sam in the CV HSC.

Settings: Skill 1

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/sewer%20sam%20manual.pdf

Round Ends: Monday October 16th at Noon

Rules are simple. Each week, the player with the lowest score is eliminated until one individual remains atop the carnage. Good Luck!


Final Sewer Sam Scores

1)DuggerVideoGames 25,509 Record Setter :-o

2)jblenkle 13,636

3)Bmack36 3,000 ELIMINATED

Final Other Sewer Sam Scores

1)ed1475 1,879

2)NCG 1,598

3)roadrunner 297





4)ed1475 (Eliminated Round 2)

5)NCG (Eliminated Round 1)


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Gave the game another try and still not finding any submarines anywhere. Skill 1: 3,071 pts.




I think the submarine is at the end of each tunnel (when the red bar in the middle is full).


Here's a gameplay video I made several years ago.


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Sewer Sam [skill 1]: 15,077 pts. Ed's video was most helpful in figuring out what to do. After destroying 3 submarines, Sam comes out of the sewer and salutes the statue of liberty, and then falls into the sewer again for the start of the next level. I was able to destroy 4 submarines before this game over (3 for the first level and 1 on the next level).


Thanks again, Ed!




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