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Is the 3DO worth getting?

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This is funny, I was reading the 3DO system FAQ just 2 seconds ago at:



The FZ-1 was the 1st more strudy model put out by Panasonic, the later models had to made cheaper so there's the FZ-10 and the Goldstar version of the console.


I just got a 3DO last month and I'm still pleasantly surprised by the quality of the software. It's about on par with the early Playstation games and there's a wide variety of genres. The games are usually pretty cheap, I've gotten about 40 of them in no time, although my system did come with 20+.


My current favorites are Return Fire, Dragon's Lair, and Lemmings. The sports games are also good on this console, FIFA Soccer and Madden Football are both excellent.


If you can get a console and games for cheap, I think you'll be happy. An added benefit for rarer games is that it's very easy to just copy the CD's or burn disk images, so it makes getting games easy.

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I only have a few games for the 3DO, but they are pretty good. If I had more games for it, I'd probably play with it more. The funny thing is that I have an easier time finding consoles than games in the wild.


If you are interested in a FZ-1, I'd trade one with a controller to you (I have 3.) I might have a spare copy of something to throw in too, but I'd have to check (I literally only have 4 or 5 games for it, but I think I have a dupe of one.) PM me if you are interested.

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I should point out that there's an emulator for the 3D0 which was just released recently. You might want to try it out before buying anything. I haven't tried it myself, but check out FreeD0


As for the different models, a friend of mine has the original tray-loading model, and the thing is built like a tank. This is one of the few consoles that might rival (or possibly out-do) the Atari 2600 for durability! It also stacks nicely in case you have a big collection and not much space ;)


As for games, frankly most of them were forgettable. I remember back in the days when I had a Jaguar (at the time, the 3D0 and the Jag were competing against each other, before they were both destroyed by the PSX), I really wanted Way of the Warrior... it looked like such an awesome game! Why did Kasumi Ninja have to suck so bad? Why couldn't they have made it as good as WotW???


... years passed ...


When my friend got his 3D0 about a year ago, one of the games he got with it was Way of the Warrior, and the game really, really, REALLY sucks! It may actually be worse than Kasumi Ninja, I can't be sure. I can't believe I was so envious of this game years ago! Anyways, that's the end of my WotW story. Don't buy the game.



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Never really thought about buying a 3DO but later on if I get some more space and if the games are good enough(Need For Speed and Road Rash..2 of my all-time favorite game series) then I would consider it.


I hear they were prohibitively expensive so I'd be surprised to find one for cheap.

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the 3do, in my very good opinion is a great system to have and xperience.

anyone who hasnt tried the 3do ever, must give it a shot. Like oesii said, the 3do can surprise anyone.

greta system that could definitly have given the saturn and psx some good competition, but thatdamn hefty price tag doomed the company and system from day one. :sad:

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I originally bought a fz-1 frontloader. Love the system it's got a few really great games, a small library tho. But I hate to say, but I traded in my fz1 for an fz10 the big difference is of course the front loading tray and the fz-10 has a built in game save manager where the fz-1 does not, you have to use a cd for that (some games have managers built into them as does a demo cd that came with 'some' fz-1's)


The real reason I traded in my fz-1 for an fz-10 is the front loaders have a problematic tray, I had to send it in once to be fixed :roll: the problem with the tray was fairly well known and documented in the game magazines at the time, as was the dim future of 3do so I traded up while I still could.


I sincerely hope no one ever has a problem :D I hope to god I didn't jinx anyone! 3do are way cool, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it!

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Before I even consider branching into systems like the 3DO, I have to expand my Jaguar collection first.


I'm sorely lacking in Jag titles..and I'd really like boxed copies of Doom and Wolfenstein..two games that I enjoyed very much on a PC.

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The only game I ever played on one that I liked was Twisted.


That game had me hooked whenever we would go to a friends house. We'd beg to play it.


I wouldn't mind picking it up one day just for keeps and sentimental reasons.

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I've probably played about 25 or so titles on the 3DO and can't

seem to stand it that much.


There a are a few good games (some that did surprise me actually)

I'll probably hook it up and give it another go, who knows...


I have a FZ-10.... games load slow (it seems).


I'd be willing to trade it for a CD32, as that's 1 system I've never

had and there seems to be a number of interesting titles on it.




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