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5200 S-Video Mod services?


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I'd be willing to help with this once another batch of Bryan's UAV boards come in. I've previously done a few using the electronic senementalities s-video mod board but that isn't offered currently. I've not done the s-vid mod using Bryan's board yet, but it looks to be simpler than what I've done in the past.

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Intersting story here.

It started out as a request for a simple A/V mod until the U.S.P.S. sent in their 600 pound
elephant to sit on my box during transit.
No kidding, my box looked like an elephant sat on the corner and crushed it.
Unfortunately the shell to the 5200 was shattered into multiple pieces; even pins on the controller ports were bent.
Somehow the electronics survived; I don't know how.

Super-Tech Jesse Hardesty came up with a great idea to purchase a "used" 5200 shell from a local "retro" shop.
He was then able to transplant the electronics from the "old" 5200 into the "new".
Now with a solid 5200, he performed the Power mod followed by the A/V mod, installing a UAV Rev.-D.

Upon receiving my unit, I hooked it up to an S-Video input on my HDTV.
I was amazed at the clarity of the video; all the interference was gone.
Even the "dot crawl" was eliminated, replaced with greater contrast and detail.

So kudos to Jesse for resurecting this 5200 and all of the hard work to make it functional again.
Thanks Jesse!

Steven Petraglia
Senior Computer Scientist

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Glad to be of service for you Steve! I too was pretty dismayed when I first picked up the box after it had been delivered and heard stuff "rattling" about inside. Also very glad that the P.O. was quick to reimburse you for your insurance on this.

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