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F/S 180 Atari ST PD and Cover Floppy Disk


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Have 182 (unless I mis-counted one or two) Atari ST Public Domain and Cover floppy disk I'd like to sell and pass on.
If you're an ST user without external drives, tired of copying or searching the net for old simple programs and games that will work on early ST's and TOS 1.02 these might provide many many hours of Atari fun. They've always been stored well, all the metal disk protectors are fine, all the printed labels are in good condition, did see one loose. However it's been years since I've looked/read at any of them. Guess there could be risk.

They are all 720K, dated from around 1985 to around 1992.
Asking $36.00 + shipping. 10 lbs, think these can be shipped media mail in the US - 48. Would appreciate anyone with interest getting an estimated shipping cost in the US on their own (i'm trusting). Shipped from Zip Code 97439. Allow for at least a 16" long x 10" wide x 10" height.

Will ship outside the US, however USPS only ships Priority Mail International. 10 lbs would cost a bit. FEDEX and UPS would be more. No local DHL.

Please PM and I'll go in that order, whomever pays first.
Do NOT pay until confirmed and you have the correct email account, different than on the board. Who knows where it would go to.

Sound reasonable ?


A run down.

Cover Disk:
33 Start
2 ST Review
2 Atari Inside
2 Atari Computing
23 ST Format
12 ST Informer

15 BRE
8 ST X-Press
1 ST-Log
1 Accusofts ST
2 ST X-Former
2 Original Atari ST Utility Disk
13 GFA Artist and other GFA drawing packages
1 Marpet X-Tra RAM utility disk ( disk only,came with the cards)

The remainder are about 33.3% each of the below
Commercial Game Disk (all early ST games that should run on 512K or 1 Meg ST's)
Back up's of Commercial Games (not necessary the other included game disk)
Back up's of commercial software
Maybe .001% blank label (who knows) icon_smile.gif
Maybe other copied programs, utilities and stuff, pretty much a full mix PD mix from print drivers to games.

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