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Could you use a floppy emulator on an ATR-8000?


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sure with the proper cable/adapter but why would you spend a $130.00 on that?

Because I don't need to buy disks to include 8" 77 track which are impossible to find. No big disk drive assembly. Have every CP/M disk in a box the size of a pack of cigarettes, sounds pretty good.

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Yes, an HxC emulator would work just fine. I've seen so many retrofitted systems use them now, including no less than two Fairlight CMI's that have an HxC replacing the second 8" Shugart drive. I've seen them inside Kaypro's, and even inside E-Mu Emulator samplers and the mainframe for a Crumar GDS synthesizer...pretty much anywhere you can stick a Shugart standard floppy, you can stuff an emulator.



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It's not about the device, it's about the price... these used to sell for like 80.00 give or take.. now 130.00'ish nuts and heck you used to be able to roll your own...now it's like all closed and treated like alchemy locked away for all time... HXC free used to be just that... look it up

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