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Games on disc?


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As far as DLC and online purchases, I won't go any further than 90's PC/BBS style downloading. And that's because anything downloaded like that can be "physicalized" to SD or backed-up to HDD for safekeeping well into the future.


Doom level packs and shareware/payware games I purchased in the 90's are still here some 20 years later and perfectly playable without worry.

I agree with this. There should be a big conceptual distinction between the game and the DLC. The DLC really should be an extension of the game, and not a necessary component of the game.

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Well we can make huge carts now.


Anyway I don't wanna start a fight. I just think having enough time to finish and polish a game would allow you to release it with very few bugs.


Which I think the the experience we had with carts back in the day.


It's fun and amusing and even a little nostalgic to put X-Plane and Orbiter on a cartridge. These cartridges are modern-day cartridges that can be be updated in their entirety or piecemeal.


Back in the day carts were fixed diode arrays or mask roms. It was costly for the programmer to institute a change in the middle of a production run. A new photomask had to be made, and that was a big project. A few extra weeks of testing was still much cheaper than even a 1 byte change in the mask.


Even on 5.25 disks, rarely did something need to be patched. And patching magnetic media in the middle of a production run would be rather cheap in contrast to a new rom.




I don't know why software has to be absolutely made available for a certain date or holiday. Back in the 1970's I was happy to get a couple of cartridges every few weeks when the grandparents came over. I could care less if Game X was available on Christmas or a month later. Eventually I would get it. And be happy. When this release schedule nonsense kicked in I noticed the quality diminish.


I had so many other things to do like build model rockets, play slot cars, terrorize everybody with the tape recorder, do BMX in the house, among other kid-things.


Today it's like developers are directionless and blindly obey someone because they are told to.

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I bought an Xbox One S a few months ago. The day I bought it I had Quantum Break and Halo. Thinking, cool, let's see what these are like... It proceeded to download 100GB from the internet. 24hrs later I actually got to play something on my new console. I wonder if this goes back to Microsoft's original intention with the console? Remember the announcement that got everyone riled up about games being digital only? I think they still are and the disc is just a key for it. Which is something... As in you can still trade the key and what have you. But what happens in the future when Microsoft has moved on and the servers are shut down? Anything always online (like Quantum Break), that's just not going to work. Want to install a game... Nope. It's basically going to be obsolete.


This, along with the sheer lack of games on the thing, are why I sold mine today. Mainly this though. The PS4 I suspect has a bit of this about it too, but it's way, way less invasive and excessive. The last real console is looking like the Wii U, where the games are actually on the media and any patches are just that, not the entire bloody game.

It's a shame, but if this is the way things are going, this is me out. I'll go gaming PC if this is the future of console gaming, and then I'll only buy games from GOG.

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But what happens in the future when Microsoft has moved on and the servers are shut down?

You're going to have to hope the consoles get blown wide open via hacking at some point. For these modern systems that's about the only way a majority of the games will be able to be preserved.


I am interested to know how many discs out there actually hold a fully working piece of software on them that can be installed when a system is offline. It would be neat to keep a documented list for people to refer to in the future.

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