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Need a 600XL/800XL keyboard motherboard connector


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The black plastic card-edge connector that is soldered to the motherboard.


I could use the part itself, an old scrap motherboard or else 10-12 of the actual internal pins. I've got the tools and skills to desolder one from a scrap MB.


History: I had a keyboard growing increasingly flaky, but everything tested good. In fact, swapping the keyboard, flat-cable and little circuit board with all the resisters on it showed the problem was with the motherboard. Pushing the connector one way or another would make the problem better or worse, but never completely working. Turns out the connector was not solidly flush to the motherboard and over the years, a few of the pins had broken off underneath it.


I'd like to keep the socketed 600XL motherboard because I've already installed 64k RAM, UAV and Hias 1.3 patched OS on it.


Hopefully somebody has the part available in some fashion so that I can put this Atari back to good use!


Also, I am selling off most of my collection (hopeful to keep this 600XL if I can find the part though). I've sold off a couple systems. Currently I have a variety of peripherals and books and game carts. I'll eventually be listing more systems, etc...


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sorry i cannot assist but can you extract the metal pins from a similar connector and fit them inside the plastic slot?

im also struggling to find the flat ribbon connector for a custom keyboard i made, any suggestions would be great

best regards


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