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2017 - 2018 7800 HSC Season Game 8: Pac-Man Collection


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Btw, I just wanted to say "good call" to NIKON for making this one last all the way until Jan 3rd! This whole month has been crazy busy for me with work and all the extracurricular activities that usually happen in December(I'm sure the same is true for others, as well!). I've not had much time to put in any big effort for this contest and appreciate getting a lot of cushion. :) I hope more people get a chance to submit scores as we draw closer to the 3rd. Thanks again, NIKON, for the work you put into running this season of the 7800 HSC! :-D

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I got this for Xmas but only had a chance to test it out. I want to get two quick scores in before the deadline to at least get something. What an amazing cart, wish I had more time to actually play and dig in. Hopefully I get a chance to play Ms. tonight or tomorrow morning...


Pac Man Hangly Man (14160):


Pac Man Random Mazes (232910):

IMG 0582

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