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FS/FT: End of year sell off!


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I'm getting rid of some stuff to make space for more stuff :-)

In fact I've decided to concentrate on the 8bit world, especially the Atari and TI-99/4a. I don't need 3 PC so I'm getting rid of the XPS 8700 which is still a powerful machine. I replaced the PSU for a 650w because it was sporting an AMD RX Vega for a while.


The Colossus card is one of the best, being able to record HD content with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. I've used it to grow my home theater collection since it can capture HD via components which isn't impacted by HDCP. You get it for free.


The serial card is especially practical to transfer data to you old computers like the Apple II serie


I'll even throw in a BluRay burner to sweeten the deal.


I'm sure some of you could use a new PC that can run MAME and othe emulator perfectly all the while serving as a pvr for you cable\satelite service. Combine with Kody and it could serve you games and media for years!


Added a few goody to the PC...


-- Dell XPS 8700 ( Haswell i5, 16gig of ram, GTX745, DVD burner, BluRay Burner, 1x 128gig SSD, 2x 1tb HDD, Hauppauge Colossus HD capture card, RS232 PCIe interface card PSU upgraded to 650w ) ~ $300 s/h: $40



I would also trade for one of the following (don't be shy, I'm really easy to deal with. I'm not looking for a 1:1 ratio in value):


- Original software (cart/cas/dsk) for either TI99/4A or Atari 8bit computer (boxed or not, but with manual if available, but I can lived without) - I'm starting my collection so even common titles are accepted as long as the quantity justify the trade (I'm easy to trade with) - i collect games, utility, applications, languages. Grade B stock is ok - A great time to get rid of your doubles :grin: and I'm no flipper, what I get I keep.


- OSS Basic XE and OSS Mac/65 carts + discs and manuals for both (not looking for originals, repro are ok but must be tested and working) - I want to code on those machine and for this I need tools. I would also considered a complete Atari Macro Assembler package instead of Mac/65.


- Working Epson compatible printer to use with my TI99 and Atari (one that I can still get ribbons for, so any epson mx/fx 80 or similar/clone would be great) and a printer switchbox (A-B). This will help me debug my assembly code.


- Working 80 track disk controller + dual FDD TI99/4a PEB compatible kit (two 5¼ or one + a 3½") As they say, two drives is better than one. It could also be an exernal disk drives that daysichain with the drive inside the PEB.


- Working Atari 1050 FDD with Happy or 2 "vanilla" 1050 with psu and SIO cables (Also applies to the Happy drive)


- Atari




**** Paymentis via Paypal. Shipping will be done the next business day or two as I've got to pack it and drive to the post office. Tracking and insurance is included.


**** Shipping : If you buy you pay shipping. If you trade, I pay to ship to you and you pay to ship to me which seems fair to me.


***** If you need pictures just ask and I'll post some.

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