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Does anyone remember this program? It is just one of many BASIC programs to check your drive speed. But it has an Error 164 (file number mismatch) on my disk, and I thought that someone might remember it and could provide a copy. I think it is about 12 sectors long, and definitely BASIC. Please don't do a deep dive to hunt for it. I have backup copies of the disk, but they all have the same file system error. I just thought that someone might be able to put their finger on it easily.




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100 FOR I=0 TO 72:READ A
110 POKE 1536+I,A:NEXT I
120 PRINT CHR$(125)
140 POKE 1610,DRIVE
150 X=USR(1536)
160 A=PEEK(1611):B=PEEK(1612)
170 MINUTES=(256*B+A)/3000
180 RPM=INT(100/MINUTES+0.5)
190 ?  :? "RPM'S= ";RPM
200 END 
1000 DATA 104,169,1,141,10,3,169,0
1010 DATA 141,11,3,141,4,3,169,5
1020 DATA 141,5,3,173,74,6,141,1
1030 DATA 3,169,82,141,2,3,169,5
1040 DATA 141,73,6,32,83,228,206,73
1050 DATA 6,208,248,169,100,141,73,6
1060 DATA 169,0,133,19,133,20,32,83
1070 DATA 228,206,73,6,208,248,165,20
1080 DATA 164,19,141,75,6,140,76,6,96

This is the only disk RPM checker I could find in basic .... Never used it I prefer the Binary RPM.

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Thanks to Roy and Madi. I'll add those to the RPM testers in my utility collection!


The first one of these I think that I ever used was from Analog -- SNAIL.BAS? Probably around 1983. I hadn't had my 810 too long when it was published.



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AFAIK, I've never been able to fix a 164 error on a BASIC program.

Can you post one of your corrupted ones Larry?

That shouldn't really be possible unless someone was

using a MyDOS ED disk and then slapped DOS 2.0 on it

somehow. Or they added a file, or 'undeleted' one

with a sector editor, or ...


Just curious what the issue might be and the fixed

disk is useless for that. If this is a common issue

for you, I might find a cure?


I didn't see anything wrong with line 450 myself,

just me being me?


SNAIL.BAS was my favorite, cute little snail too.

Doesn't work very well on a Happy though 10,000

RPM is just not possible. I might be exaggerating

an itsy little bit there.

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Thanks! Outstanding -- that is the program. Did you have an uncorrupted copy or somehow fix the error? AFAIK, I've never been able to fix a 164 error on a BASIC program.


The Disk I posted originally had the last sector of the file filled with $1A's and $00 filling the Sector Link Bytes and prevented the file from loading.

I fixed the Sector Link Bytes, then viewed the file in ATR Tools and then saved it as an ATASCII file. Then Created a new Dos 2 Image and copied the Saved File to this image.

Booted this new image and Entered in Basic, I then added lines 450 and 460 and re-saved in Basic to the posted ATR image :)

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The last sector of the Basic file on my disk is missing -- all zeros. When loading, the file system thinks that instead of Speed file, that the last sector belongs to file #0, which creates the mismatch error 164. It is a Dos 2.0s disk. I have no idea what happened to that missing sector. I'm pretty sure that at one time, the file was intact.




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