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Do these VIC-20 tapes need to be digitized?


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Hi VIC-20 people,


I got some VIC-20 tapes in a lot of Atari stuff. I don't know the state of VIC-20 software preservation, or where to look to see if Commodore software has been preserved, so I'll just put this here. If any of these tapes need to be digitized, let me know. I can create WAV files from them.


I wouldn't worry about the "bad load" labels. I think someone at some point was trying to load these on an Atari system.





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Here you go, Commodore friends. Let me know if you get these working. I have a second copy of Graphvics and Piper, but was unable to digitize them. (Something is weird with the tapes, and my cassette player stops partly through the playback.) Luckily those are duplicate tapes — hopefully the ones I did capture are good.


Ababus Software - Budgeteer.wav

Ababus Software - Budgeteer - copy 2.wav

Abacus Software - Graphvics.wav

Ababus Software - Piper the Music Machine.wav

Ababus Software - Tiny BASIC Compiler.wav.zip

Noble Computers - Spelling Practise.wav


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I was able to convert two of the titles so far..They had to be processed and fixed with Audacity. The others are a bit more challenging because they are of poor quality unfortunately. The recovered tapes are attached. I'm afraid that the "Bad Load" labels were for the Commodore because on the Tinybasic compiler program the 8k version file was the hardest to successfully recover and that is what it said was bad on the label. Thanks again for providing these.

Ababus Software - Tiny BASIC Compiler_TAP.zip

Noble Computers - Spelling Practise_TAP.zip

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