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WTB: 2X POKEY Chips or Ballblazer carts

Skippy B. Coyote

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As a disclaimer I should say upfront that I won't be in a position to purchase the chips/games until February 1st, but I did want to get the word out in advance in case someone wouldn't mind setting them aside for me. I'm planning on picking up two Atari 7800 homebrew games next month but both will require that I supply the POKEY chips needed for them, so if anyone happens to have a couple spare POKEY chips or Ballblazer carts with cruddy condition labels that they wouldn't mind parting with I could sure use them.


I'm not sure exactly what the chips or rough condition Ballblazer carts go for price wise, so I'm open to negotiation on the price. PayPal payment is preferred but I can send a money order through the mail if the seller isn't keen on PayPal.


Thanks much and just shoot me a PM if you happen to have what I'm looking for and wouldn't mind setting it aside for me until February. :)

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