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Do you think coleco game's on eBay are over priced

Jim Pez

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25 for a boxed original game is cheaper than when it was new. I was paying 34.95 and up in canada in 1984. If the box is still in good shape I think it's fair. Usually I only want 5 -10 favourites anyways and not every box ever made.


People will pay what it's worth to them. I

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I really have no idea but I think the prices are relatively fair considering these things are only getting scarcer; especially compared to Nintendo and/or more "popular" game prices. Not to mention far fewer ColecoVision sales and just plain less copies ever made. I would think now more people are getting into collecting than deciding to sell their collections. But I have seen prices seem to go down over last few months compared to last couple of years. It seems some boxed copies are even going for what a loose cart version was going for not too long ago. I think if someone lists the only available copy of something they may jack up the price and just wait for someone to get impatient who wants it before someone else snags it. The prices seem to be accurate though as far as rarity and available quantities are concerned. When a boxed game is going for a lot it's usually the only one available and it hasn't been available for months if not years. I probably overpaid for some of my loose cart games but I'm glad I don't have to do it anymore and I can just sit back and enjoy my collection. Same with homebrews which are usually limited runs but now there are quite a few on eBay and less expensive too than just a few months back. Prices do go up and down and up and down again. But quantity will always go down since there are finite numbers that were produced and as years go by boxed copies will become rarer not to mention some just won't work eventually or unfortunately get tossed out in the garbage. If you have the means now is as good a time as ever I think to buy. And once you have the copy of the game you want it's yours forever.

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