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HSC Season 15 Round 2: Qix

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The nerve wrecking classic returns to the HSC:



1. Emulator users play on normal speed, no cheating by making it faster at any point - see 3rd post ;)

2. Play the A8 version not the 5200 port.

3. We'll make this a slight handicap round: former HSC Champions on PAL systems play with the timer on 30, otherwise play on the default setttings (40). Press Option/F4 to change this. Players who have 5pts or less from the first round can set the timer to 50 on PAL or 60 on NTSC if you wish.


Round closes Wednesday 14th Feb, 10pm UK time, then we'll hit the slopes for a Winter Sports round as discussed on the games list thread.




OK Fandal's version is faulty, (strange lock ups and screen craziness) as are the A and A1 versions on atarionline.pl (though A1 does seem to play but goes crazy when you press space to pause it) so here's a mydos menu disk with a fully working XEX on it:


Can't remember where I found this one (homesoft perhaps) I'll let the guys know.

ATR this one on atarionline.pl seems to work atr-dcm.gif Qix (1982)(Atari)(US).atr

Instructions on Atarimania

Qix Tips on Post #31


Now turn up the volume and avoid the Qix, it's definitely after you :-o


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Ugh. I don't like this version of Qix (5200 version all the way!) at all. Even the rules of the posting say this game is slow. I'll be skipping this round.



It's not slow! It's easier for about 3 screens where you first split the Qix and then gets progessively harder - it's a challenging game and very playable. The handicaps are just the timer release for the sparks ;)


[edit] The speed thing was people cheating and using turbo speed and just holding up to repeatedly split the Qix to 9x before playing. If anyone does want a faster game then play on NTSC.

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I am the happy idiot who'll play almost anything that comes my way (with a few notable exceptions) so I'll start off with what surely is a low introductionary score:

Qix - 43433 pts 50148 pts (PAL, 40 seconds)
(Score improved in later post)

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Hooray! I'm kind of excited about this one. I actually have Qix on cart, so I can kick back on the game room couch with a real 2600 stick, rather than playing on PC emulation with an XBox controller.

Yeah it just isn't the same playing these games with an Xbox controller. For that reason I bought a USB megadrive (genesis) adapter for my PC for when I needed to use the emulator


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