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HSC Season 15 Round 2: Qix

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I've not read all the posts here yet but just to report back I've posted a fully working XEX version on the first post and I've linked to a working ATR version too!


Had a couple of goes 67K, 62K when testing, then after getting over the shock of how scared I still am of the Qix :-o I managed a respectable 221,776 :D (played on the 30 second timer, not that it wasn't difficult enough already!) - See 1st post for details of handicapping.



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399,356 blew it on 9x before making the big pay day :twisted:



Here's how I play for anyone wanting some tips (there are probably many other good ways too)...

Use the quick draw to make your structure: go up then across, make a T shape (a high T is good too - no that wasn't a joke but It could have been!)

Fill in larger areas with the slow draw to get the higher points

When you get two Qix (it was called the Qix!) do this as well and keep sub dividing and split them when you can - bank an area without hitting the threahold first if you can.

I try and build up the multiplier on my first 2 lives and take the points on my last life by going for a big fill %

You can also bank blocks of screeen as as you increase the multiplier.


Use the slow draw (fire held) to move after a fill - you can hold the stick ready to move and this way you have a second to react and abort if needed. Also use this to draw slowly somewhere safe to avoid a lot of sparx or to keep on the edges when under pressure.


Try and avoid drawing lots of little bits and keep you edges clean so you have more time to react to the sparx.


Get on with it, if you are on the 40 timer you can usually complete the screen before too many sparx appear.


Have fun, it's a great game.


We'll not have a bonus game again this time and make the Winter Olympics (Round 3) an extended round - I need to get planning :grin:

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We have enough scores for our first table! I should be able to get bluecat to have a go on this one :)


If you've not seen it I've posted a working XEX version on the first post and some tips on Post #31 (above). Be sure to read the first post re handicapping for this round ;)



first tables

  1st   therealbountybob         399,356  12pts  2nd   McKong                   163,164  11pts  3rd   graywest                 146,474  10pts  4th   RedThunder                99,560  9pts  5th   carlsson                  93,369  9pts  6th   Gury                      88,691  8pts  7th   Deteacher                 79,628  7pts  8th   Sikor                     59,929  6pts  9th   jblenkle                  56,912  5pts 10th   Nikon                     54,955  4pts 11th   RT's Dad                  42,925  3pts 12th   pusakat                   29,739  2pts 13th   Mangia Boy                 1,000  2pts (provisional score)

p.s. RT does your dad have a nickname he wants to use here?

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Somebody was at the door and unfortunately, I forgot to pause the game. :/

It was me :-D


I figure I might make 1,000,000 one day so let's see if we can give you a 50% of your score challenge this time ;) Dope you can go for looping the scoreboard and see what happens to it?!


Ahh you missed HSC Champs are playing on the 30 second timer (Option/F4) not that that will slow you down much!! You can go for 10 if you get bored, and I'll add in a separate entry to the HSC Ratings and Records ;)

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Just to be sure, is changing emulation speed to 190% is acceptable or not? (game is really slow and I would love to speed it up)



- After 9999999 it crashes on one version or goes back to 0000000 on another

- 50%? Deal. :)

No sorry 100% speed only. You can play on NTSC mode though for a faster game. And don't forget the 30 sparx timer ;)


I think the balance of speed between your movement and the Qix is perfect and deliberately weighted to make it a tense game!

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Hm. I've only played on my PAL 130XE so far and while it isn't super fast, it is enough for me. I must bring out my NTSC 800 or try emulation to see how much faster it is on that. If the 5200 game is half as fast, it must be crawling along, almost like a turn based strategy game?

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