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(SOLD)FS: Atari 4 Switch ULTIMATE Bundle-"Bryan" UAV Comp Mod with 59 games


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Bumping - Price reduction to $315.

Hello everyone,

Up for sale is the latest/last of my UAV modified units. This is a sparkling, early-dated 4 switch. This was one of the cleanest units I've ever modded. I replaced the on/off momentary switch, the 7805 voltage regulator, and the TIA chip (which is expensive).

I've modded the unit with a "Bryan" UAV mod, which provides the best video quality you can get. I've outfitted it with composite (RCA) outputs, as I feel the graphics are incredible using just that, but if at some point in the future you want s-video, this board can accommodate that. I don't even know how many hours I've put into this unit, but it works perfectly and is a guaranteed lifetime player.

Included in this lot is the console, an OEM power supply, a CX-40 controller, a Wico Command Control "Bat" stick, a set of paddles, and 59 games - you can see in the picture what they are. Most of the games are in pretty good shape, but there are some with label issues, etc. That said, this is a great set of must have games - all have been cleaned with ISO 90.

The games alone are worth around $300-350. The Wico is about $30, and the console is easily $125 with the work that's gone into it and the new TIA chip/UAV board/mod. Asking $315 for the entire lot.

PM me with any questions.



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