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Atari new boxed games & loose 2600/Coleco carts & shrinkwrapped PS2 games


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Paypal payments accepted. Items shipped in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Great Britain- postage paid by buyer


For sale:


PS2 games:

$17 (used) Champions of Norrath PS2 with box- disc isn't a flawless surface but it's guaranteed to run on your system

$25 (New-shrinkwrapped) Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII

$6.50 (New- shrinkwrapped) Everquest online Adventures Frontiers

$5.50 (New- shrinkwrapped) Godai Elemental Force

$8 (New- shrinkwrapped) Project Eden


NES games:

$12 (cart only) Super Mario Bros. 3

$6 (cart only) Black Bass

$8 (cart only) Galaga


PS1 games (with case and instructions):

$48 (used with the enclosed poster) Parappa the Rapper- disc in really great condition

$12 (used) Ape Escape- disc looks pretty nice

$12 (used) Evil Dead Hail to the King (disc has small line scratch)

$12 (used) Alien Resurrection (disc in really great condition)

$6.50 (used) Darkstone (disc in really great condition)

$3 (used) R4 (Ridge Racer Type 4)- disc will run and there are fine scratches

$3 (used) You Don't Know Jack- disc imperfect but just a few fine scratches

$14 (used) Spyro Year of the Dragon- disc in really great condition

$6 (used) Iron Solder 3- disc in really great condition

$8 (used) Resident Evil Director's Cut- disc in really great condition

$30 (used) Final Fantasy VII (not greatest hits)- discs in very good condition

$6 (used) Blazing Dragons- disc in good condition

$3 (used) Ten Pin Alley

$13 (used) Croc 2- disc in very good condition

$14 (used) South Park (not greatest hits)- disc in very good condition


Atari 5200:

$12 (NEW- no shrinkwrap) Galaxian

$12 (NEW- shrinkwrapped) Qix

$15 (NEW- shrinkwrapped) Missile Command


Atari 2600 quite rare game:

$800 (NEW- Shrinkwrapped) Glib


Atari 2600 Starpath Supercharger cassettes with plastic cover/label:

$40 (used) Rabbit Transit

$15 (used) Fireball (perfect label)

$14 (used) Communist Mutants from Space (moderately mottled label)


Atari 2600 carts (many of the non-Imagic carts mostly are going to have ok but not great labels):

$8 Sub Scan (Sega)- actually a nice label!

$7 Quick Step (good label)

$5 Wabbit

$3.50 Trick Shot (good label)

$16 Solar Storm (good label)

$3 Fire Fighter (good label)

$1 Enduro

$0.50 Joust

$0.50 Realsports Volleyball

$0.50 super Challenge Football (good label)

$0.50 Sears Circus

$3 Barnstorming

$2 Star Voyager

$2 Encounter at L5

$9 Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle

$3 Frogs and Flies

$8 Bump and Jump

$2 Ice Hockey

$4 Vanguard (good label)

$2 Realsports Football (good label)

$3 Epyx Summer Games (mottled label)

$8 Off the Wall (plastic casing has name of owner written in pink marker, but the label is good)

$5 Super Cobra

$19 Frankenstein's Monster

$7 Krull

$0.50 Super Breakout

$7 Kung Fu Master

$7 Picnic (without spine label)

$1 Space Attack

$0.50 Sky Jinks (bad label)

$5 Wizard of Wor

$1 chopper command (bad label)

$1 crackpots (label faded at spine)

$3 Air Raiders

$1 Haunted House

$1 Maze Craze

$2 Decathalon

$5 No Escape (nice label)

$5 Deadly Duck

$8 Stellar Track (pretty good label)

$2 River Raid

$5 Pitfall

$2.50 Freeway

$15 BMX Airmaster (TNT white label has some mottling)

$4 Tutankham

$2 Video Chess (nice label)

$3 Kangaroo

$3 Warlords

$8 Challenge of Nexar



$45 Atari 2600 console made by Coleco- "Gemini" Comes with power supply, one genuine Gemini joystick/paddle controller, and wire to connect to a switchbox (switchbox not included)


Atari 7800:

$30 F-18 Hornet



$8 Rocn Rope

$12 Defender (Atarisoft)

$14 Super Crossforce

$8 Miner 2049er

$6 Popeye

$8 Q-bert

$11 River Raid

$14 Pitfall

$5 Space Panic

$5 Ladybug

$4 Donkey Kong

$4.50 Space Fury

$4.50 Looping

$2.50 Cosmic Avenger

$4.50 Slither

$7 Donkey Kong, Jr.


May negotiate if you're interested in my 2nd Colecovision (no power supply or switchbox)

May negotiate if you're interested in my spare Atari 7800 console

May negotiate if you're interested in my spare PS2 console

May negotiate if you're interested in my spare original PS1 console

May negotiate if you're interested in my spare Nintendo 64 console


Besides cash I'm looking for an Apple IIc or Atari 8bit game, Crisis Mountain and also for Super Zaxxon for the Atari 8 bit computers.

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