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2 AV Modded Refurb'd Colecovisions + Ball Knob Controllers ETC


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[/b][/u] All Sold


I would like to get $58 for a bare console and $17 each for a modded controller. I have no power suppliesavailable. I will make a small discount if you buy console with controller(s).


Prices do not include shipping, paypal only, send your zipcode and I can get you a quote.


DETAILS: (sometimes I list on ebay, below are the details I post)


Console has been fully refurbished, cleaned and modded with composite AV outputs. The Video uses

the LM318N Amp Video board assembled by me personally. This is more stable, and has better video

quality than the "Ben Heck" mod. I performed the upgrade myself, as well as disassembling the

power switch, cleaning it and re-greasing it. Everything has been tested, and works without



The AV outputs will also work with the Atari Expansion Module, and original RF still works using a

traditional RF cable if you prefer. Audio output is MONO, which is the best you can get from the



The controllers have been upgraded with Ball Knobs, which perform better than the originals. The

directional contact points have also been upgraded by adding solder to the contact pad.

Originally they were hollow, and allow less surface area to make contact, especially when they

age. This new solder allows a bigger contact point, and gives quicker response time with less

joystick movement. Side buttons cleaned with deoxit.


Please see images for cosmetic condition. There are no major flaws, cracks, or broken pieces.

There are a few scratches from light use over the years, but nothing major.


CAUTION: PLEASE DO NOT HOT SWAP CONTROLLERS ON A COLECOVISION. These consoles are known to build up electrostatic discharge, and become sensitive when swapping controllers with the console on and

could cause port failures. This goes for any Colecovision console. Both controller ports are 100%

tested and work great on these consoles.


sale pending COLECOVISION #1: $58 bubbling sticker near reset button, rca jacks slightly misaligned












COLECOVISION CONTROLLERS: $17 ea One controller has stretched out coil and gouge/scratch in * button, one has small chip as shown. All of them work equally great. 2 HAVE BEEN SOLD





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