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SOLD: IBM "stinkpad" laptop T42 with linux + windows 98


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This is one of those machines caught in the gaps of time


Its a windows XP machine from 2003-2004, that happens to have windows 98 drivers



  • Intel pentium M cpu @ 1.7 GHZ (in a nutshell a low power pentium III with speed step that ranges from 800-1.7 ghz)
  • ATI Radieon (not HD) 7500M graphics (32Meg dedicated ram)
  • 1 GB DDR ram
  • 30 GB hard disk
  • 14 inch 1024x768 TFT LCD
  • CDRW + DVD ROM drive
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • PS/2 Combo port
  • VGA output
  • LPT printer port
  • 56K modem
  • 10-100 LAN
  • 802.11 B/G wireless

Watt-OS, a minimal ubuntu linux on a ~8 gig partition + 1 gig swap partition, this lets you get online and do modern tasks with lan or wifi, even plays youtube video's in 480p though firefox. Also mounts the windows partition so downloading files to win98 is just a matter of point and click


Windows 98SE is installed with all drivers (including wifi, though I never got it to connect to my comcast router with WPA-PSK, it did work ad hock and with wep in G mode) setup on a ~30 gig fat 32 partition


dos seems to work fine but at this moment I have not found a sound driver for dos applications, so, yea its a machine that doesnt do dos games that well, hauls ass at 98 games, but sucks ass at xp games


Condition of the machine looks like its been though a warzone, the rubberized metal top is beat, the plastic is in tough condition, and there's a couple of places where the yutz before me sent screws in or though the plastic ... but though it looks like hell it runs like a bat out of


Comes with a few games, the newest being "star wars battlefront" which is a 2004 era 98/XP era game and it runs buttery smooth at 1024x768 in medium settings, Dungeon Keeper 2 runs with a bit of the stutters at 800x600 (maxed) at high settings, and "thief the dark project" runs flawlessly at 1024x768 maxed out ... assume the same for games like deus-ex or half life or quake 3 etc


also comes with an appropriate power supply


Asking 25$ + postage Paypal only please


postage varies if you want the battery or not, its a lithium battery, and linux says at 98% charge its got about 2.5 hours left in it ... running at idol. So if its got anything left in it under load it is not going to be much. Of course the battery adds a little bit of weight, but battery included pretty much forces it into UPS shipping only as USPS wont touch a package with a LIO battery


Thanks for looking


























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sale is pending btw


@ cpu ya its hard to tell on modern machines, I have a couple of older gigabyte "ultra durable" series motherboards one for my amd FX and another for my i7 3770k and both of those the port is addressable from bios ... and while I have not tried a programmer on them I have tested old printers and a CD rom on them from dos and linux


but then here at work I have some dell core 2 duo's cant cant be bit banged at all

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